Simply Neutrals #29

Hello sweet friends!

Simply Neutrals Tuesday linky party is back!
A big YAY!!

Please don't forget to read the hows and whats of the party at the end of this blog post, there have been some small changes made, so please make sure to read them.

2018 is the year I wish to achieve a healthy balance in my life. I tend to overwork myself and forget about taking rest or go for a walk. To me SNT is a place of peace and quiet. That's what neutral colours do for me.

It's a gentle reminder to myself to get enough rest from the busy world where everywhere you look there is a whole lot of lively and colourful screaming for your attention.

That's why I craved for the SNT party once more and decided to breath new life into the party.

So here is a happy warm welcome to you!

The photo above shows some of the beautiful delight I received in the mail this Christmas.
And since most of it was done in neutrals, I wanted to share a bit of it with you. Only a sneak peek for now, the full versions will come later. I would like to give the sweet senders of these beauties the chance to share them with you first and may be link to this party, before I do.

Okay, so here we go, on to the party!


First of all: beware that when you link up to this party, I assume that you agree on the photos of the blog post you linked up optionally being featured on the next Simply Neutrals party on AppleApricot blog. If you do not agree with that, then please do NOT link up.

I will always ask the visitors of AppleApricot to pin from your original websites and not from my party blog post. If and how there will be features and if the SNT party will be held regularly all depends on how well the party is received.

I'm aware that it is rather challenging to come up with only neutrals every time.
So that's why from now on some splashes of colour here and there are very welcome too in your party apparel!
As long as the main focus and/or part is in neutrals of course :)

If you need inspiration:

Here are some of my Pinterest boards that could be helpful:

Hues of White and Grey

Hues of Brown

Home Decor: Shabby White

You can also browse back through the featured photos in the previous Simply Neutrals parties we held here on AppleApricot:

Features of previous Simply Neutrals parties

To join the party, please keep the following things in mind:

1) Please link only to the blogpost that contains the photo(s) you want to share, and not to your blog's homepage.

2) Kindly link back to AppleApricot by putting a link to my blog in your blogpost.

Of course you're most welcome to use the blog button of Simply Neutrals Tuesday as well
(which can be found in the sidebar of my blog)

3) Link ups to both new and older blog posts are welcome.
Of course it would be nice if you link up to a new or recent blog post, but if there is something from the archives you'd really want to link up here, then please feel welcome to do so.

4) You can link up from your blog, but if you do not have a blog but would love to link up from your instagram or other social media account, that's perfectly fine too.
Beware though, that may be not everyone can come visit and/or leave you a comment there.

5) Please take time to visit some of the other link ups and send them some love.
The most recently added link ups will show in the list first.

Time for the link up!

xx Wen

Embroidered Matryoshka doll ornament

embroidered doll ornament by AppleApricot

Last Christmas the fiber art facebook group Rag Bag Gals held a handmade ornament swap. Of course it had to be something made out of fabrics and/or threads. Originally the swap was only open to USA residents, and another one for UK residents, which neither of those describe me. But when I asked if someone was willing to swap with me, dear Pen Parkin of Rosa Lily offered to be my swap pal. Thank you so much dear Pen! I really appreciate that! This is the ornament I made her. A Matryoshka doll, which I embroidered by hand.

Later, I will share the beautiful sweet ornament Pen made me, when I share more of the handmade Christmas beauties I received this year.

Christmas has just gone around the corner, but just look what I found in the garden: the first signs of Spring! Isn't that wonderful? So happy to see some little flowers peeping their heads out in the sunshine again!

Wishing you all a most beautiful day, and hope to see you coming Tuesday when the Simply Neutrals linky party will be back! You'll have a whole week to link up and join the party.

Big hugs xx

Happy news for you my blog friends

Hello sweet friends,

First of all: may 2018 bring you joy, love, peace, hope, health, and many blessings.
In my previous blog post I mentioned that I have an announcement waiting for you.
Actually, there are several exciting things I'd like to share with you.

Yes, you absolutely heard that right!
I have decided not to abandon AppleApricot (well, not that this was ever my intention anyway, but it was kind of quiet here for a while) and instead give it a little extra boost. I just miss you, my blog friends here, too much if I don't spend time regularly on AppleApricot. And you have been so faithful visiting my little online home, that I can't wait to give back to you!

So, I'm busy preparing these three things (and 2018 will probably bring you one more event you will going to be very excited about, but I'm not going to tell you yet, since it is not in my power to decide in this particular case).

Let me enlighten you a little more on the three news topics:

1. Simply Neutrals Tuesday will be back!

Starting Tuesday the 16th of January

(So that's next week already).
Safe the date!

It will be in a slightly different format though.
More on that on the 16th.

2. There will be a giveaway soon!

I had planned to do a giveaway in December because of the 5th anniversary of my blog. But due to this and that I had to postpone it. I'm still busy with creating for the giveaway. So please be patient :)

3. There will be a new artist interview coming!

I'm not going to tell you just yet who I'm doing the interview with, but I'm very sure you're really going to like it! She is an amazingly creative artist and much loved by many. We're busy with the q&a's and gathering the images to add to the interview. So exciting! (And if you're the one I'm talking about: shhhh, don't tell anyone ;) 

Well, this is enough news for now I dare say.

So, first of all:

Simply Neutrals on the 16th of January

Hope you will join Simply Neutrals and see you then (= next week)!

Wishing you a blessed day.
Big hugs xx


5 years of happy apples and apricots

bird paintings in gouache by AppleApricot Wen

Hello hello sweet creative friends!

First of all, as you can see I can't leave my paintbrushes anymore :) I'm constantly drawing and painting. Especially birds and flowers.

Anyhoo, I wanted to tell you something happy!
You know,

AppleApricot is 5 years old!


To celebrate this I will have a nice surprise for you coming soon.
So keep an eye on the post-feed!

Voor mijn Nederlandse blog vriend(inn)en en lezers:
ik plaats ook af en toe een nieuw blogje op mijn NL AppelAbrikoos blog en zal ook de aankondiging van de hierbovengenoemde verrassing daar laten weten.

Wishing you a beautiful day!

xx Wen

Blogging versus Instagram - it's all about connection

illustration in gouache by AppleApricot Wen

Hello sweet friends,

Lately I noticed that there are more and more of my creative friends on instagram. Although I love browsing through the beautiful photos on instagram, I have to say that I'm still not a huge fan nor am I inclined to use it very often. But I do try.

There is just something that I miss in the use of social platforms like instagram. I find it fleeting. Is fleeting the word you would use for this in English? What I mean is that you get to see a glimpse for a second or two of a photo and then move on to the next photo of someone else. What I miss is real connection, a deeper conversation.

What I love about blogging is that someone's blog is kind of someone's creative home. The homes we create online for our creative outlets, where we can visit each other and listen to each other, talk with each other, having a cup of tea. When visiting a blog I take my time to really dive deeper into the creative world of my blog friend.

So I will keep on blogging and visiting the online homes of my creative friends, while trying to be more visible on instagram as well.

embroidery design wip by AppleApricot Wen

How about you?
What's your idea about this?

How do you like instagram? Do you use it?

And how about your blog? Do you blog? Do you wish to go on with blogging?

Let me know, I'm really curious to hear from your experience!

xx Wen